Designed to be used by design engineers, safety professionals, consultants and machinery end users to enable Machinery Safety issues to be assessed and recorded to enable compliance with European legislation.


COMPLIANCE Risk Software has a wide range of features built in.

Project System

COMPLIANCE Risk Software allows machines to be organised into projects – the idea behind a project to represent a sensible grouping of machinery.

A project doesn’t restrict or otherwise dictate what checklists or risk assessments can be performed on the contained machines.

Photographs can be linked to each machine which will print on associated reports if selected in the report options.


A checklist is a breakdown of a particular subject matter into a series of statements which when combined give an indication to whether or not the machinery assessed meets the applicable requirements.

When a checklist is answered with a positive answer it is not required to complete risk assessments, but comments can be provided, and optional photographs added to the software to demonstrate compliance. When answered negatively, risk assessments can be added. Photographs can be added to initial assessments and also to show completed assessments.

Machinery Directive: CE Marking

This checklist helps you to cover the criteria set forth in the Essential Health and Safety Requirements (EHSR’s) in Annex I of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The checklist when completed by a competent person will help you to demonstrate compliance with the EHSR’s, and allow CE Marking of your machinery. The software also allows you to link applicable EN Standards to the checklist which will then be referenced when you produce your Declaration of Conformity or Declaration of Incorporation.

Machinery Directive: CE Audit

This checklist, when completed by a competent person, demonstrates that the machinery supplied, has been CE marked correctly to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Reports can be printed that may accompany existing documentation, to show due diligence which may be required by other legislation such as the Use of Work Equipment Directive (enacted in the UK as the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998).

Coming Soon: PUWER

This checklist covers the criteria set forward in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1998, which is the UK version of the Use of Work Equipment Directive. Users can then report on and understand the compliance position, whilst also offering ways to manage any remedial work should risks be found.

Risk Assessments

End users can utilise the software to perform risk assessments using a Hazard Rating Number system which aims to provide a single number identifying the severity of risk.

In this risk assessment methodology the idea is to select the phrase that matches the hazard in four areas:

  • Likelihood of Occurrence
  • Degree of Possible Harm
  • Frequency of Exposure
  • Severity of Injury

Each phrase matches with a value which is multiplied together to produce the final Hazard Rating Number, (HRN) which when view on a scale gives an estimation of the risk.

End users are prompted to determine a HRN for the Initial Hazard as well as for after a Control Measure. You can link photographs to the before and after increasing the quality and practicality of the produced reports.

There is an article about the risk assessment methodology here.

Control Integrity Assessments

Carry out EN 13849 assessments (not including validation) quickly and easily using Compliance.

Multiple assessments can be linked directly to a machine; or where more appropriate a single assessment can be carried out as part of a risk assessment. An additional validation must be provided to demonstrate that the Safety Related Parts of the Control System are suitable for their purpose.


When completing a checklist, EN Standards can be used to ensure that machines conform to the requirements. The software allows the linking of EN Standards to the applicable checklist which will then automatically show the applicable standards on reports including Declarations when CE Marking machinery.

Declaration of Conformity & Incorporation

Upon completion of a checklist, when the requirements of the appropriate legislation have been addressed, the software then allows either a Declaration of Conformity or a Declaration of Incorporation to be produced, whichever is appropriate. See here for the difference.

It will prompt for the relevant information which is required according to the Machinery Directive and will list standards which have been linked to the checklist.

For the Declaration of Incorporation the software will also automatically list the EHSR’s that are applicable and automatically exclude those marked as Not Applicable.

Powerful and Flexible Reporting

End users have a wide array of reports available. For consultants or those who want to personalise reports, a company logo can be added in the top right corner of all reports excluding Declarations.

The powerful reporting engine allows very fine grained control into what goes into each report. Don’t be bound to printing just a single machine or an entire project, pick and choose exactly what items to print no matter what machine or project it belongs to.

Risk Report

The corner stone report of the software which lists all of the risks identified within the database, broken down by Checklist, Machine and Project.

The risks are printed, alongside the statement of the checklist in which it is linked to give a clear picture of the issue at hand.

Depending on the options specified, when printing reports, photographs which have been linked either to the machine, answer to a statement, or risk assessment as well as EN 13849 assessments which have been linked either to the machine or risk assessment, will be printed.

Essential Health and Safety Requirements Checklist Report

Produce a report which prints the entire checklist, showing compliance (along with linked photographs if specified in report options) and non compliance’s which will link to risk assessments by number.

Checklist with Risks Report

This report combines the above two reports, printing the entire checklist showing the Essential Health and Safety Requirements compliance’s (again with photographs if specified) and non-compliances showing the risk assessments as well.

These risk assessments can also optionally show linked photographs and EN 13849 assessments. Photographs can be posted against the Essential Health and Safety Requirements.

EN 13849 Report

Print a report showing all of the EN 13849 assessments which are linked to a machine.

Standards Report

Prints a report which shows which standards were used when completing the checklist

Declarations or Conformity & Incorporation

A report showing all of the information mandated by the Machinery Directive, print a Declaration with information pulled from the completed checklist automatically.

For either declaration Standards used are pulled from the checklist and for the Declaration of Incorporation the software will also automatically list the EHSR’s that are applicable.